Another Chewbacca Mom Parody

The Cereal Killer was created and debuted in 2006 with the film “Cereal Killer.” He wears a Scary Movie mask and wields a knife and a mace & chain. He lives only to make bad jokes and kill anyone in his way. Probably anyone not in his way too. Since 2006 he has been in three movies and will soon be in his forth and last film, Cereal Killer 4: The Final Chapter. He has also hosted nineteen episodes of my web series “Tales from the Whackbag.”  This has been a very fun character for me to play over the last decade and many of his lines are ad-libbed. Before he is finished off for good I wanted to squeeze in one last project with him. I present to you, “Cereal Killer Chewbacca?”

The assignment was worth 4 stars.

The assignment was to spoof a viral video. I was inspired to do this because I wanted to do one last thing with the Cereal Killer AND I think the Chewbacca Mom video is annoying as hell. So I figured I would do this and make fun of it. A masked killer wearing the mask of a killer? There has to be some kind of irony there! I did not add any visual effects and kept the sound FX to a minimum as the video I spoofed has no effects. If you have not seen the original video this is what I spoofed:

I shot the film with my Sony HD camcorder in 1080p. The camera was sitting on the dashboard of my Mustang. I just hit record and went. I had an idea of what I generally wanted to say but I felt ad-libbing was the way to go so it was unscripted like the original Chewbacca video. I edited everything in Windows Movie Maker. The very first shot is just a solid black picture for two seconds. I then clicked title to add my two title screens. I clicked add videos to bring in the video I shot. The start and end point can be edited under video tools. The sound FX were added by clicking the music button dropdown arrow and then clicking add music at current point.

CK tut chewie

The Freddy Krueger sound FX were taken from It is a soundboard so I just used the record narration button to record the sound I played. Hit record, play the sound, stop button, trim the sound and adjust the volume if needed. The intro song and end credits song are covers both played by me. I played every instrument and recorded it in CoolEdit96 as usual. I did not record these for this project exclusively, both songs were recorded in 2014. I hope you get a laugh or two (or more) out of this video!