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Final Project Tutorial 6

The assignment was Alternate Ending worth 5 stars. This was the hardest part of my final project for two reasons: I was shooting with inanimate objects by myself and it was hot as heck outside when filming. The original scene I picked was from Terminator 2 and it can be seen below. Watch up to 2:20 or so for the reference.

I first set up my set. I pulled a few things from my backyard to be the trees in the scene. Yes that is a Sesame Street house and a Ninja Turtle van.

yub set term

I then filmed everything with my Sony camera. I used Windows Movie Maker for the entire project except for near the end when the Terminator is shooting out electricity. I used PowerDirector for that effect.

yubin tut 1

I imported my video and used the Firework effect under the “effect room” button. I clicked modify and used the offsets to move the effect around until it was in a nice spot. I saved the video as a WMV and then did my business in Windows Movie Maker.

yubin tut 2

I added each scene by clicking the add video button. I then added titles by clicking the title button. Music was added by clicking the add music button. The narrations are the actual Terminator 2 theme but I wanted them to sound off so I would not get flagged for copyright issues on YouTube. I hit record narration and then played the theme song from a YouTube video and it is recognizable but different. I saved the entire video with the YouTube option and uploaded the finished product.

Now some may argue my scene ends the same way as Terminator 2 and I say no way! The cyborg Terminator shot the liquid metal Terminator in the original, in my vision an Ewok shot the cyborg Terminator and that is different in my book! There is also another movie reference in my video, did you catch it?