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Final Project Tutorial 2

The assignment was Create your theme song worth 4.5 stars. I love recording music with good old CoolEdit96. So old but easy and free. I started off recording the two guitar parts first. I used a Les Paul guitar and for effects a Bose Metal Zone pedal. Here are both guitar parts.

intro g

I then used a Fender bass for the bass line and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine to round out the music portion. I opened up a second CoolEdit to record with, the first one open the guitar part to play along with. You can play and record at the same time. Once I have what I like I copy and paste the bass then the drums. It looks like this when done.

intro gbd

I then recorded the vocals and pasted them over the music. No vocal effects, just some good old death metal! FYI if you notice the file name Intro g the g is guitar. Intro gbd means guitar/bass/drums, meaning those tracks are finished but still need vocals!