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DS106 Week 5 Summary, The End is Here

DS106 is over and this is my final summary. I will start off by sharing my final project and each tutorial I did for the six parts of my final project which were visual, audio, GIF, video, audio and video. The total assignment difficulty was 24.5 stars. The final project and the tutorials:

DS106 Final Project

Visual Tutorial, Audio 1 tutorial, GIF tutorial, Video 1 tutorial, Audio 2 Tutorial & Video 2 Tutorial.

I’d like to talk about what I learned from this semester, both positive and negative. I took my first summer classes this semester, both online. I had never taken an online class before or a four week class before and I will never do it again. Everything rushes along so fast that I feel some things won’t be retained, especially from my American Government class. If you asked me what I learned you would get a blank stare from me right now. I am not faulting either teacher for this, it’s the nature of the beast when you try to squeeze everything into a month. I think I would have enjoyed DS106 more over a regular semester. That is the only negative.

On the positive side of things I learned I really need to work on the writing side of things. I think I have gotten much better at the text part of telling stories over the course. While I may not use that ability much after this class, I should go back to my YouTube page and work on all my video narratives. They are quite short and likely do not draw a potential viewer’s desire to hit play. Considering how many videos are on YouTube better write-ups should hopefully help me stick out a little more.

I also learned a few new camera angles and tricks that I will try to use in future projects. It was pretty cool to find out how much different camera angles can affect a scene. I really like the Tarantino angle, from below. I am sure I’ll start using that one on occasion along with low and high camera angles. I’ll try to use the Zolly effect as well although it may not be possible without a dolly.

The last thing I learned is just be yourself from Ira Glass. Occasionally when writing a song or movie I start to wonder what other people may like. I cannot do that as that is not me and my heart might not totally be in something like that. I can always be proud of something if it is 100% me. I’m sure my final project is a little out there as well as the viral video spoof I did in week four but that is what I do. I love spontaneous acting and comedy, I have been a fan of Whose Line is it Anyways? for years and there is likely an influence from that show on me.

In the end I enjoyed my experience in DS106. I have created more media in the last four weeks then I usually do in four months. I was able to record new music and shoot new videos, I may not have done both without this class pushing me to do so. This class also got me to sign up for Twitter which was long overdue! I hope everyone’s summer is a good one.

Final Project Tutorial 6

The assignment was Alternate Ending worth 5 stars. This was the hardest part of my final project for two reasons: I was shooting with inanimate objects by myself and it was hot as heck outside when filming. The original scene I picked was from Terminator 2 and it can be seen below. Watch up to 2:20 or so for the reference.

I first set up my set. I pulled a few things from my backyard to be the trees in the scene. Yes that is a Sesame Street house and a Ninja Turtle van.

yub set term

I then filmed everything with my Sony camera. I used Windows Movie Maker for the entire project except for near the end when the Terminator is shooting out electricity. I used PowerDirector for that effect.

yubin tut 1

I imported my video and used the Firework effect under the “effect room” button. I clicked modify and used the offsets to move the effect around until it was in a nice spot. I saved the video as a WMV and then did my business in Windows Movie Maker.

yubin tut 2

I added each scene by clicking the add video button. I then added titles by clicking the title button. Music was added by clicking the add music button. The narrations are the actual Terminator 2 theme but I wanted them to sound off so I would not get flagged for copyright issues on YouTube. I hit record narration and then played the theme song from a YouTube video and it is recognizable but different. I saved the entire video with the YouTube option and uploaded the finished product.

Now some may argue my scene ends the same way as Terminator 2 and I say no way! The cyborg Terminator shot the liquid metal Terminator in the original, in my vision an Ewok shot the cyborg Terminator and that is different in my book! There is also another movie reference in my video, did you catch it?

Final Project Tutorial 5

The assignment was Soundboard Conversation worth 4.5 stars. This was a blast because I got my Ewok to call Arnold Schwarzenegger!! I rehearsed what I was going to say about 7-8 times and used the soundboard found here:

It has most of Arnold’s most important sayings. I just kept clicking away until I got a conversation I liked. I used PowerDirector to record the conversation and add a phone ring at the beginning.

Yub calls Tut

I saved the file as a WMA (Windows Media Audio) and uploaded it to Soundcloud.



Final Project Tutorial 4

The assignment was Character description worth 4.5 stars.

yub in set

I then went random and said whatever came to mind. This little Ewok has been in quite a few movies and I needed his dialogue to be all over the place to stay in character. I had a general idea of topics to hit but wanted things to be very loose. I imported all my video into PowerDirector. I added pictures to the background and used the Chroma key to remove all the green. PowerDirector was free so while not the best, it is serviceable.

yubin tut1

I saved each scene as a WMV file and then imported them into Windows Movie Maker, also free!

yubin tut2

I added some sound effects with the add music button. I also added the beginning and ending title boards by clicking on the credits button. Both sound and credits are under the home page. When done I clicked save as and used the YouTube option and uploaded my file to YouTube.

Final Project Tutorial 3

The assignment was Subtitle a GIF worth 4 stars. I took a short video of Yub the Ewok with my Sony Camcorder jumping and then added the video to Windows Movie Maker. I then clicked the caption button (under home) to add my subtitle. The text tools you see here allow you to change your font, the text animation and so much more.

yub gif tut 1

I saved my video as a WMV and used to take my video and convert it into a GIF.

Yub gif tut 2

The original GIF was an 8MB file! Thankfully the site above has a resize option which shrunk the file down to only a little over 2MB. It also has many other cool effects and best of all it is free.

Final Project Tutorial 2

The assignment was Create your theme song worth 4.5 stars. I love recording music with good old CoolEdit96. So old but easy and free. I started off recording the two guitar parts first. I used a Les Paul guitar and for effects a Bose Metal Zone pedal. Here are both guitar parts.

intro g

I then used a Fender bass for the bass line and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine to round out the music portion. I opened up a second CoolEdit to record with, the first one open the guitar part to play along with. You can play and record at the same time. Once I have what I like I copy and paste the bass then the drums. It looks like this when done.

intro gbd

I then recorded the vocals and pasted them over the music. No vocal effects, just some good old death metal! FYI if you notice the file name Intro g the g is guitar. Intro gbd means guitar/bass/drums, meaning those tracks are finished but still need vocals!

Final Project Tutorial 1

The assignment was Create-a-silly-movie-poster. I created this assignment as there was nothing that matched what I needed for my final project in regards to a movie poster. I rated it as a two star difficulty. This is the original: (from

the-terminator- original

I cropped the photo in paint and hand wrote in the words. I wanted it to look basic like an Ewok had done it.


Last I copied a picture of Yub (the Ewok) and pasted him in three different places.

Yub poster tut 1

Yub Movie Poster

All those pictures of Yub are the same Yub pasted. You can have your pasted object flip, rotate, etc. Click on the rotate button as shown before pasting your object!


The Yubinator (DS106 Final Project)

Hi everyone, my name is Yub. I am an Ewok that has starred in numerous Whackbag Films projects and a little movie called Return of the Jedi! I love two things in life, sandwiches and Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I decided it was time to pursue my dream and see if Mr. Schwarzenegger would let me star in a movie with him. I found out recently that Mr. Schwarzenegger has signed on to do Terminator 5! There is no other cast signed on yet so I thought who better than me? I started to think instead of doing another sequel why not slightly rename the franchise and do a sort of reboot like everyone else these days. Here’s what I came up with.

Yub Movie Poster

Now don’t judge the scribble, I’m just an Ewok after all! Now that I have my movie poster, I am going to need a theme song too! I wanted to do something unique so I got my friend Rich Barnes to make some music for me. I did the vocals although he said to limit it to “Yub and my sandwich.” So that’s what I yelled during the song. I thought it came out pretty good because I also like heavy metal!

The next thing I wanted to show Mr. Schwarzenegger is that I could do my own stunts. I made an animated GIF of me doing an incredible leap off a counter!

Yub jumping Gif

I decided it would also be a good idea to tell Mr. Schwarzenegger a little about myself. Rich also helped me shoot a video. I wasn’t sure what to say but Rich filmed me in front of something called a green screen? He was able to put pictures behind me of other things I have been in. He even put pictures of you know who! Here’s the video.

I sent my movie poster idea, my theme song, my Gif and the video to Mr. Schwarzenegger. Weeks passed and I did not hear from anybody. I then sent all my stuff again to his agents, family members, friends… even his dog! I did not understand why Mr. Schwarzenegger would not want a superior talent like myself in one of his films. I decided I needed to talk to Mr. Schwarzenegger directly. Using the Millennium Falcon’s advanced computers, I was able to obtain Mr. Schwarzenegger’s cell phone number. I immediately called him but the conversation did not go the way I wanted it to.

One would think I would give up after that but heck no! The force is strong in this one. Arnold (that’s right, I’m first naming him now) needs to see my vision, not hear about it. I got Rich to help me again by making another video. Arnold needed to see me in a Terminator movie so we did what we could with a budget of zero.

I will send the video to Arnold so he can what an amazing talent I am. Hope to see you all in the next Terminator movie! Hasta la vista, baby!

Week 4 is Over in DS106

Week 4 was our week to do video in DS106. I enjoyed this week just as much as audio week as I have a passion for doing video and audio. I also got to fuse those two passions together in one of the video assignments! On to week four!

The reading movies assignment was helpful as it not only showed me a different way to view a movie, I also learned a some new camera tricks. My favorite trick is shooting from low angles, I really like how it gives the subject in the shot a sense of power and authority. I tried this angle in the music video I created. Here are the three assignments:

How to read a movie

Tarantino’s from below technique

Camera angles and techniques

I received positive feedback from my post on how to read a movie. Natalie Beyer wrote “I thought it was really interesting that you disagreed with his theory that the dominant is on the right and the left is less dominant and I can see your point!” Adriel Brooks wrote ” I learned from your post that one of Roger Ebert principles is that people should take the time to look at film frame by frame. ” It was nice to see that type of feedback.

The next assignment I did was the Look, Listen & Analyze. I had to watch a video clip without sound, then with sound only, then analyze the clip with sound and audio. This is my write-up:

Look, Listen and Analyze – Hulk

I enjoyed doing this assignment as an avid Hulk fan which you will see in my blog. I really liked what Katie posted about my blog. She said “It was very interesting that you opened this post with your connection to the movie. It made your analysis more critical and well thought out because of this previous interest in the Hulk. You did a great job of doing each part and then joining it together as a whole. You relate it back to what we learned this week when you go into detail about camera angle in the scene only focused on watching not listening. This is a great post!” Writing has been the biggest thorn in my side for this class so seeing that post let me know I’m on the right track.

The two video assignments took up the most time this week. We had to do a total of eight starts of difficulty, I did nine. Shooting and editing video takes time but the end result was worth the effort. The first assignment I did was:

Video Assignment 1 – Create a Music Video

This was a huge challenge as my video involves God, what can I shoot that represents Him? I did my best to capture symbolism and keep things interesting. I also had fun recording an original song that could be used for this assignment. While audio was not the focus this week, I did not want to make a music video for someone else’s work. Tyler Gimple had written “Wow I really like this production. Was the music track entirely you playing those instruments and singing? If so very well done.” Just for the record, yes I did play everything in the song. On to the next assignment.

Video Assignment 2 – Viral Video Parody

This was my chance to put the camera on and just be silly. I love ad-libbing and just letting things come naturally. While the video I chose to spoof didn’t give me much opportunity to go crazy with effects, I still added my own little personal touches here and there. I also had to do four daily creates for the week.

Daily Create #1, Daily Create #2, Daily Create #3, Daily Create #4

Daily create 3 was the biggest challenge because drawing with one line only is difficult on its own. Doing that with a mouse increased the difficulty quite a bit. I was happy that I sort of had an image of the Ghostbusters symbol. We also had to leave feedback on four blogs this week. I left feedback for byernatalie, CieraCentral, taractaonline and kerauch8. I always try to leave positive feedback and anything that can be constructive as well. Here are pictures of the feedback I left.

byernatalie blog CieraCentral blog  taractaonline blog

kerauch8 blog

I also responded to all the feedback that was left for me at the time of this writing. While not a requirement, I wanted to respond to any questions or at least give a thanks.

Another Chewbacca Mom Parody

The Cereal Killer was created and debuted in 2006 with the film “Cereal Killer.” He wears a Scary Movie mask and wields a knife and a mace & chain. He lives only to make bad jokes and kill anyone in his way. Probably anyone not in his way too. Since 2006 he has been in three movies and will soon be in his forth and last film, Cereal Killer 4: The Final Chapter. He has also hosted nineteen episodes of my web series “Tales from the Whackbag.”  This has been a very fun character for me to play over the last decade and many of his lines are ad-libbed. Before he is finished off for good I wanted to squeeze in one last project with him. I present to you, “Cereal Killer Chewbacca?”

The assignment was worth 4 stars.

The assignment was to spoof a viral video. I was inspired to do this because I wanted to do one last thing with the Cereal Killer AND I think the Chewbacca Mom video is annoying as hell. So I figured I would do this and make fun of it. A masked killer wearing the mask of a killer? There has to be some kind of irony there! I did not add any visual effects and kept the sound FX to a minimum as the video I spoofed has no effects. If you have not seen the original video this is what I spoofed:

I shot the film with my Sony HD camcorder in 1080p. The camera was sitting on the dashboard of my Mustang. I just hit record and went. I had an idea of what I generally wanted to say but I felt ad-libbing was the way to go so it was unscripted like the original Chewbacca video. I edited everything in Windows Movie Maker. The very first shot is just a solid black picture for two seconds. I then clicked title to add my two title screens. I clicked add videos to bring in the video I shot. The start and end point can be edited under video tools. The sound FX were added by clicking the music button dropdown arrow and then clicking add music at current point.

CK tut chewie

The Freddy Krueger sound FX were taken from It is a soundboard so I just used the record narration button to record the sound I played. Hit record, play the sound, stop button, trim the sound and adjust the volume if needed. The intro song and end credits song are covers both played by me. I played every instrument and recorded it in CoolEdit96 as usual. I did not record these for this project exclusively, both songs were recorded in 2014. I hope you get a laugh or two (or more) out of this video!