Final Project Tutorial 4

The assignment was Character description worth 4.5 stars.

yub in set

I then went random and said whatever came to mind. This little Ewok has been in quite a few movies and I needed his dialogue to be all over the place to stay in character. I had a general idea of topics to hit but wanted things to be very loose. I imported all my video into PowerDirector. I added pictures to the background and used the Chroma key to remove all the green. PowerDirector was free so while not the best, it is serviceable.

yubin tut1

I saved each scene as a WMV file and then imported them into Windows Movie Maker, also free!

yubin tut2

I added some sound effects with the add music button. I also added the beginning and ending title boards by clicking on the credits button. Both sound and credits are under the home page. When done I clicked save as and used the YouTube option and uploaded my file to YouTube.