DS106 Week 5 Summary, The End is Here

DS106 is over and this is my final summary. I will start off by sharing my final project and each tutorial I did for the six parts of my final project which were visual, audio, GIF, video, audio and video. The total assignment difficulty was 24.5 stars. The final project and the tutorials:

DS106 Final Project

Visual Tutorial, Audio 1 tutorial, GIF tutorial, Video 1 tutorial, Audio 2 Tutorial & Video 2 Tutorial.

I’d like to talk about what I learned from this semester, both positive and negative. I took my first summer classes this semester, both online. I had never taken an online class before or a four week class before and I will never do it again. Everything rushes along so fast that I feel some things won’t be retained, especially from my American Government class. If you asked me what I learned you would get a blank stare from me right now. I am not faulting either teacher for this, it’s the nature of the beast when you try to squeeze everything into a month. I think I would have enjoyed DS106 more over a regular semester. That is the only negative.

On the positive side of things I learned I really need to work on the writing side of things. I think I have gotten much better at the text part of telling stories over the course. While I may not use that ability much after this class, I should go back to my YouTube page and work on all my video narratives. They are quite short and likely do not draw a potential viewer’s desire to hit play. Considering how many videos are on YouTube better write-ups should hopefully help me stick out a little more.

I also learned a few new camera angles and tricks that I will try to use in future projects. It was pretty cool to find out how much different camera angles can affect a scene. I really like the Tarantino angle, from below. I am sure I’ll start using that one on occasion along with low and high camera angles. I’ll try to use the Zolly effect as well although it may not be possible without a dolly.

The last thing I learned is just be yourself from Ira Glass. Occasionally when writing a song or movie I start to wonder what other people may like. I cannot do that as that is not me and my heart might not totally be in something like that. I can always be proud of something if it is 100% me. I’m sure my final project is a little out there as well as the viral video spoof I did in week four but that is what I do. I love spontaneous acting and comedy, I have been a fan of Whose Line is it Anyways? for years and there is likely an influence from that show on me.

In the end I enjoyed my experience in DS106. I have created more media in the last four weeks then I usually do in four months. I was able to record new music and shoot new videos, I may not have done both without this class pushing me to do so. This class also got me to sign up for Twitter which was long overdue! I hope everyone’s summer is a good one.