The Yubinator (DS106 Final Project)

Hi everyone, my name is Yub. I am an Ewok that has starred in numerous Whackbag Films projects and a little movie called Return of the Jedi! I love two things in life, sandwiches and Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I decided it was time to pursue my dream and see if Mr. Schwarzenegger would let me star in a movie with him. I found out recently that Mr. Schwarzenegger has signed on to do Terminator 5! There is no other cast signed on yet so I thought who better than me? I started to think instead of doing another sequel why not slightly rename the franchise and do a sort of reboot like everyone else these days. Here’s what I came up with.

Yub Movie Poster

Now don’t judge the scribble, I’m just an Ewok after all! Now that I have my movie poster, I am going to need a theme song too! I wanted to do something unique so I got my friend Rich Barnes to make some music for me. I did the vocals although he said to limit it to “Yub and my sandwich.” So that’s what I yelled during the song. I thought it came out pretty good because I also like heavy metal!

The next thing I wanted to show Mr. Schwarzenegger is that I could do my own stunts. I made an animated GIF of me doing an incredible leap off a counter!

Yub jumping Gif

I decided it would also be a good idea to tell Mr. Schwarzenegger a little about myself. Rich also helped me shoot a video. I wasn’t sure what to say but Rich filmed me in front of something called a green screen? He was able to put pictures behind me of other things I have been in. He even put pictures of you know who! Here’s the video.

I sent my movie poster idea, my theme song, my Gif and the video to Mr. Schwarzenegger. Weeks passed and I did not hear from anybody. I then sent all my stuff again to his agents, family members, friends… even his dog! I did not understand why Mr. Schwarzenegger would not want a superior talent like myself in one of his films. I decided I needed to talk to Mr. Schwarzenegger directly. Using the Millennium Falcon’s advanced computers, I was able to obtain Mr. Schwarzenegger’s cell phone number. I immediately called him but the conversation did not go the way I wanted it to.

One would think I would give up after that but heck no! The force is strong in this one. Arnold (that’s right, I’m first naming him now) needs to see my vision, not hear about it. I got Rich to help me again by making another video. Arnold needed to see me in a Terminator movie so we did what we could with a budget of zero.

I will send the video to Arnold so he can what an amazing talent I am. Hope to see you all in the next Terminator movie! Hasta la vista, baby!