Week 4 is Over in DS106

Week 4 was our week to do video in DS106. I enjoyed this week just as much as audio week as I have a passion for doing video and audio. I also got to fuse those two passions together in one of the video assignments! On to week four!

The reading movies assignment was helpful as it not only showed me a different way to view a movie, I also learned a some new camera tricks. My favorite trick is shooting from low angles, I really like how it gives the subject in the shot a sense of power and authority. I tried this angle in the music video I created. Here are the three assignments:

How to read a movie

Tarantino’s from below technique

Camera angles and techniques

I received positive feedback from my post on how to read a movie. Natalie Beyer wrote “I thought it was really interesting that you disagreed with his theory that the dominant is on the right and the left is less dominant and I can see your point!” Adriel Brooks wrote ” I learned from your post that one of Roger Ebert principles is that people should take the time to look at film frame by frame. ” It was nice to see that type of feedback.

The next assignment I did was the Look, Listen & Analyze. I had to watch a video clip without sound, then with sound only, then analyze the clip with sound and audio. This is my write-up:

Look, Listen and Analyze – Hulk

I enjoyed doing this assignment as an avid Hulk fan which you will see in my blog. I really liked what Katie posted about my blog. She said “It was very interesting that you opened this post with your connection to the movie. It made your analysis more critical and well thought out because of this previous interest in the Hulk. You did a great job of doing each part and then joining it together as a whole. You relate it back to what we learned this week when you go into detail about camera angle in the scene only focused on watching not listening. This is a great post!” Writing has been the biggest thorn in my side for this class so seeing that post let me know I’m on the right track.

The two video assignments took up the most time this week. We had to do a total of eight starts of difficulty, I did nine. Shooting and editing video takes time but the end result was worth the effort. The first assignment I did was:

Video Assignment 1 – Create a Music Video

This was a huge challenge as my video involves God, what can I shoot that represents Him? I did my best to capture symbolism and keep things interesting. I also had fun recording an original song that could be used for this assignment. While audio was not the focus this week, I did not want to make a music video for someone else’s work. Tyler Gimple had written “Wow I really like this production. Was the music track entirely you playing those instruments and singing? If so very well done.” Just for the record, yes I did play everything in the song. On to the next assignment.

Video Assignment 2 – Viral Video Parody

This was my chance to put the camera on and just be silly. I love ad-libbing and just letting things come naturally. While the video I chose to spoof didn’t give me much opportunity to go crazy with effects, I still added my own little personal touches here and there. I also had to do four daily creates for the week.

Daily Create #1, Daily Create #2, Daily Create #3, Daily Create #4

Daily create 3 was the biggest challenge because drawing with one line only is difficult on its own. Doing that with a mouse increased the difficulty quite a bit. I was happy that I sort of had an image of the Ghostbusters symbol. We also had to leave feedback on four blogs this week. I left feedback for byernatalie, CieraCentral, taractaonline and kerauch8. I always try to leave positive feedback and anything that can be constructive as well. Here are pictures of the feedback I left.

byernatalie blog CieraCentral blog  taractaonline blog

kerauch8 blog

I also responded to all the feedback that was left for me at the time of this writing. While not a requirement, I wanted to respond to any questions or at least give a thanks.