Week 3 Summary DS106

Week 3 is over and this was my favorite week to date. I love working with audio and really tried to improve on my storytelling. It appears we are doing audio next week too so I am looking forward to more audio editing! I did not think the Ira Glass videos would be interesting but they held my interest. I really identified with the part of just being yourself and not trying to be someone else. I did not find myself struggling with the audio editing as that is a comfort zone for me, hopefully that shows in my final product!

What I did struggle with a little bit this week was leaving more detailed feedback. I am one of those “great job keep up the good work” people and decided to try to give positive feedback but constructive feedback as well. It appears some of the other DS106 students haven’t worked with audio much so I am trying to see things from that perspective. I also noticed a few students embedded their audio before the story instead of where the sound clip would play in the story. I recommended imbedding the audio right where the sound would happen in the story.

I was very happy to see the Wilhem! I have used that scream in probably over 70% of the films I have shot. It’s such an all time classic and it’s showing up in almost every Marvel Comics movie these days. I thought the Foley video was interesting but I am generally too lazy to make my own sound effects. I have used http://soundfxnow.com/ to get many sound FX although at the time of this writing the site is down.

The assignments for the week!

Four Daily Creates, # 3 was my favorite because it was so ridiculous.

Daily Create # 1, Daily Create # 2, Daily Create # 3, Daily Create # 4

Two audio assignments, the requirement was two assignments worth at least five stars. I enjoyed making the trailer and used Ira’s tip of just being yourself. I’m not sure too many people would mix Cannibal Corpse, Britney Spears and wrestling celebrities together!

Audio Assignment 1 – DS106 Trailer (4.5 stars)

Audio Assignent 2 – Spooky Dialogue (2.5 stars)

My thoughts on the Ira Glass videos:

Ira Glass reflection

I also chose the ghost stories from Radiolab, I thought it was very well done in some spots and very bland in others. Here is the link to my blog about the production:

Ghost Stories by Radiolab

I left feedback for five blogs under the names starfirego, CieraCentral, tyler_gimple, kerauch8 & taractaonline. A short summary/clip of my feedback:

starfirego – The music was pleasant and the little bit of your voice I heard was good. It sounds like you have a nice voice and I would recommend using it more on future projects. As far as finding the perfect sound I will reference Ira Glass, just be you. Find something you identify with and use that.

CieraCentral – I would recommend for future audio projects to have your story and instead of writing out the ugh part, put your sound clip. Example: Suddenly the iPod she was listening to dies and the first words are spoken from this angst-y preteen that leaves her family shocked: (embed your audio here).

tyler_gimple – I would recommend for future projects to watch the length of your introduction. A little trim here and there would tighten things up so your audience can get to the main course quicker.

kerauch8  – The only thing I would change is start telling your story and then embed the sound. Example: “You open the app the play the recording of what has happened and you hear this.” Embed your Soundcloud clip and then pick up the story again.

taractaonline –  I would recommend adding some creature sounds/growls while the gun is firing so it is clear to the listener that there is a battle going on.

I hope we do more audio in week 4 and hopefully my audio assignments are an improvement over my visual assignments from the first two weeks.