Ira Glass on storytelling

I really identified right away with Ira’s discussion on anecdotes. I generally write things that constantly lead from one thing to the next with a final destination. I used this method with the first audio assignment I did, “A Wolf Now Among Us“. It was basically one thing would happen and then that would lead to another. Although the audio I recorded was what gave me the idea, I started writing and then I was able to have one idea go to the next. I have always written like this starting with my first script back in 2003.

I understand his part on looking for great stories although I had trouble identifying with this at first. I generally don’t try to find the story, I wait for it to pop up in my head especially when it comes to writing scripts. I’d like to think I come up with great ideas but I am not on a time schedule like Ira is. Ds106 does have a strict time schedule which I am not accustomed to and that has forced me to change the way I write. I have started off very slowly and I’m sure other students may have trouble with the work/school/family/etc balance but it can be done and I hope to finish strong. So I can identity with this because I have to with our class schedule.

I had to laugh at the part Ira said about making things that are crappy (my first two weeks of DS106 apparently fall under this category!). There are a few movies and a bunch of songs I wish I could have done differently looking back. There’s that reflection thing he mentioned in part one. His year eight tape he played had me wondering what he was talking about too. Having a good sense of humor about previous failures is the only way to go. Laugh at your faults and improve on them. I’m trying to get past the first two weeks of this class and focus on the last three. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Ira states be more your own self, well said sir. I have been doing death metal for almost two decades. My friends keep telling me to stop singing in that voice, you write cool riffs but I can’t understand the vocals! I do not want to do it any differently, death metal is what I do when it comes to recording music. Can I sing? Sure. I am a worship band member at my church and using my death metal voice would be frowned upon. I am me and that’s all I can be.

I made it through all four parts of Ira’s storytelling videos and I’m surprised to write I enjoyed them all. He makes good points in each video and my biggest takeaway is be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. I know I wrote I do that currently but I do not want to change in the future. An example would be making music or movies that I do not like but make them hoping other people will. I do not want to sell out and make more commercial music, that’s not what I do. And hopefully I never will…