Coming soon to theatres not near you!

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s DS106!? That’s right it’s the digital storytelling class that is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be! DS106 is proud to announce it has a new audio trailer which you can hear below by clicking on a little thing we like to call… the play button!

That’s right all your favorite things from the 80’s and 90’s are here at DS106 because we are living in the past now. Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, Adam Sandler, Run DMC, The Rock, Metallica, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Beavis (we are working on signing Butthead!) and Britney Spears! They are all here even though they all go together like peanut butter and tuna. So tune in every week to hear all your favorites in a completely incoherent mess like this trailer!

The audio assignment I chose was for 4.5 stars.

This was without a doubt my favorite assignment to date. I enjoyed making this trailer and really got to be myself making it (one of Ira Glasses tips in his video was be yourself). I may have showed my age a bit as everything I used was from the 80’s and 90’s but that’s what I grew up with. I used Cooledit96 again for this project. Obviously I did a ton of copying and pasting which I won’t bore you all with. It’s one of the most basic windows functions and there would be 25 screenshots of copying and pasting. I will show you how I did some of the other tricks.

The first thing I did was raise the pitch of my voice on the “Are you ready for” part using the stretch mode in Cooledit.


I left the part where I said DS alone and then lowered the pitch on the “106” and added a flanger to the vocal. The flanger gave it that weird martian sound which is the effect I used!


Adam Sandler yells “No!” four times. The first time he yells it I raised the pitch like I did with my voice at the beginning, the second time he yells it is the original. The third time he yells no I lowered the pitch and the fourth time I lowered his voice even more.


In the Run DMC “Walk this Way” part, at the end there’s a bum bum bum part before a Metallica riff plays. The second and third bum have their pitches raised using the same method I showed earlier. If you listen closely the bum parts go from the one channel to the other and back if you are playing this through stereo speakers. This is an old and easy trick to do but very effective, just delete the sound from one of the channels if it was recorded in stereo. See below:


If you look above where the blue box is, this is where I deleted the sound. The reason the music is split is one half is the right channel, the other is the left channel. Just delete sound from either channel as you can see above so you can get that going back and forth speaker sound effect. The last effect I used was an echo when I say DS106.



I used the canyon echo because canyons are cool! Make sure when using echo’s that you click the “continue echo beyond selection” if that is an option in your sound editing software. If it is not checked your echo may end prematurely or may not even appear.