A Wolf Now Among Us

Rich was walking down the street one night and saw a glowing light in a field. Curiosity got the best of him and he walked towards it. As he got closer to the light he soon became paralyzed in fear. He saw a man dressed in black robes standing by a fire with a staff in his right hand, a book in his left hand and a wolf slightly behind him. The man in black pointed at a page and said “Read the passage from this book.” Not knowing what else to do Rich went along with what the man in black requested. Rich read aloud but felt many strange things happening to him as he read:

After he finished the passage, the wolf disappeared that was behind the man in black. Rich dropped the book, looked down and saw that his clothes were gone and his entire body was covered in thick hair. “You are now a lycanthrope” the man in black said, “and you must feed.” Rich looked back up and everything turned to red. In a demonic growling voice he said “I will start with you…” The werewolf pounced at the man in black, who was never to be seen again…

The audio assignment I chose was http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/spooky-dialogue/ for 2.5 stars.

This was a fun assignment to do, I enjoy working with audio and felt it was easier to tell a story with the audio I created. I went in the time machine for this, I used CoolEdit96 (CoolEdit was purchased by Adobe and is now know as Adobe Audtion). I am very familiar with this program and have recorded seven albums with it. Plus it was free with a code back in the day. I know there is much more advanced software available but I did not like Audacity and do not want to pay for an audio editing program.

Using CoolEdit is similar to most programs, I recorded myself speaking into a microphone. It should be noted I am a death metal singer so I used a little of that near the end before messing with the pitch I recorded. This was the original recording,

Edit 1

I highlighted a section as shown above and clicked on the stretch option. Below you will see the stretch window.

Edit 2

There are a few pre-sets that raise or lower the pitch plus a few other options. I simply just chose a few parts and altered the pitch. On the top left of the stretch box there is a bar. Slide it to the right the pitch will go down, to the left and it will go up. This program is so old I had to save my file as a .wav! I used http://www.convertfiles.com/convert/audio/WAV-to-MP3.html to convert the .wav to a MP3 and uploaded the file to Soundcloud.

4 thoughts on “A Wolf Now Among Us

  1. Ciera

    I was wondering what inspired you to create your spooky story? A movie, book, or a dream? My inspiration came from listening to the Ghost Stories podcast!

    1. richbarnes106

      The part I recorded were the lyrics of a Cradle of Filth song, “Queen of Winter, Throned”. Everything around it just came from my head. Being a musician/filmmaker I generally write out of sequence. Example – if I come up with a killer riff for a song I’ll write the song around that riff. I may have a great film scene in mind but it likely won’t open the movie and appear much later. I had the idea to speak the intro of the song to play with the special FX, I just made everything else up.

  2. Mohammed Taractar

    This is the best way to tell the summary of a whole story in 12 seconds. Or should I say that you made a whole story around a 12 second audio piece. Whatever it is, its great. I think I am also going to go after this assignment for my blog.

    1. richbarnes106

      Thanks! I enjoy working with audio and I am so glad we are done with photo’s because I S-U-C-K at telling stories with a still picture.