Two animated Gifs DS106

We had to create two animated gifs for DS106 this week. I used to create both. The first one I picked was . This is a short scene from a movie I filmed way back in 2005. The hero, Joey Green, takes a volleyball off his head. I instantly thought of this because my friends and I have suffered volleyball injuries from running into one another and not yelling “Got it”. After implementing the got it method there were quite a few times were someone would yell got it and immediately yell don’t got it! So I added the captions in Windows Movie Maker and used ezgif to convert the WMV to a GIF.

Gif 1 DS106

The second gif assignment I chose was . In 1983 I heard a song that would change my life, “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot. This is a clip from the video for Metal Health with Carlos Cavazo playing the guitar and singer Kevin DuBrow (RIP) head banging behind him. This one song made me want to learn how to play guitar. Because of this song, I have released eight independent albums and I also play in a worship band at my church.

Gif 2 DS106

I hope both gifs play in your browser!