DS106 Weekly Summary 1

Week one is over in DS106 and the week started off with frustration. A domain of my own constantly crashed on my PC and in error I signed up on the Mary Wash blogs. Luckily this site works and I’ve been able to blog all week. I feel like I did a good job completing the assignments and tried to be creative as well. I would think one issue surrounding my past work and my future work is I can’t get away from violence. One of my daily creates (the video) ended in something violent and another had Darth Vader holding a chopped off head. Although the violence is usually goofy I don’t know how to get away from it. My work for the week.

I shot a short intro video about myself, it was hard knowing what to say to a group of strangers. I had fun playing around with the green screen though.

I wrote a very lengthy about myself and experience with film on the blog.


I completed the visual assignments. I do not have any photo editing software so I had to get creative with paint! All five are under this post and I met the ten star requirement.


The photo safari was fun but I have no skill as a photographer and used an iPhone to take the pictures.


My thoughts on the photo tips and what I used.


I did four daily creates. The video that required walking was fun to shoot. I used Action Movie FX and a Bee Gees song to put this together. By far my favorite daily create, I love shooting and editing video. Photos? Not so much.

The other three daily creates:

Overall a fun first week in DS106 but my blog still is not feeding to the classes. As mentioned earlier and in other blogs, very frustrating week to start as well. I hope we have more video projects in the future. I enjoy storytelling through video and doing anything that includes music would be great too (I am also a musician)!