These are the assignments I did:


I fell in love with this Lamborghini Countach the first time I saw one in the Cannonball Run. The car just makes me want to drive as fast as possible. Although the car is forty years old, it’s innovative design makes it look like  a modern day race car. (I simply did a yahoo search for this Lambo and saved it as a jpg.)


One not dare challenge the House of Whackbag in having the lowest budget in shooting a film! Our budgets are similar to the store Five Below, because our budgets are usually $5 or less. (I went to to make the banner but had to use paint to center the emblem.)

Pop - Ice in Desert

Vanilla Ice is performing in the desert! The crowd is going wild as… wait a minute folks something is wrong. Vanilla Ice has fallen over and he’s… melting! It’s too hot in the desert for Vanilla Ice. Ice is out of place in this hot weather! (Went to Yahoo and saved a picture of a desert and a pic of Vanilla Ice. I used paint to make an outline around Ice, cut him out and pasted him in the desert picture.)

Wanted Poster

The Doug is a green haired, mustached non smoking but cigarette holding nerd with a lisp that is obsessed with women’s chests. People also tend to get killed when the Doug is around although not by his hands. He must be stopped. Sadly, the budget to arrest him is low so we are offering five bucks. (I used to create this poster.)


The worship band is… falling asleep? And they are singing about it too? This band will be fired and need to ask for a lot of forgiveness! (Simply used paint to make the word bubbles.)