Photo Safari


Pictures are from the assignment, I ran around very fast so had some time to spare but didn’t want to shoot a re-do. I used my iPhone since I don’t have a camera anymore. I tried using some different perspectives then I normally would, especially with close-ups and some things out of focus. It was very cloudy out so I didn’t have much sun to play with lighting. Photos: Timestamp to start, Color- green (super close up of the Hulks eye), shadow of me and the phone -boring I know but there was no sun, the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars felt futuristic, angle – looking up into trees, close of a bright light, the shoe, inanimate object – dog statue in my yard, lines (my floor), two things – Hulk and a banana do not go together IMO, repeating pattern – my countertop, moving photo of my fridge, looking through a hole in a steam cooker at a gecko, joy – the American flag, abstract – above my Mustang, the reflection is the grass, me and the assignment paper, stats was complex to me! Final timestamp – not a photography buff but this was fun and different.

IMG_1012IMG_1030IMG_1023IMG_1029IMG_1015 IMG_1017IMG_1018 IMG_1016IMG_1019 IMG_1022IMG_1020 IMG_1024IMG_1026 IMG_1027IMG_1013 IMG_1028IMG_1031