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Two animated Gifs DS106

We had to create two animated gifs for DS106 this week. I used to create both. The first one I picked was . This is a short scene from a movie I filmed way back in 2005. The hero, Joey Green, takes a volleyball off his head. I instantly thought of this because my friends and I have suffered volleyball injuries from running into one another and not yelling “Got it”. After implementing the got it method there were quite a few times were someone would yell got it and immediately yell don’t got it! So I added the captions in Windows Movie Maker and used ezgif to convert the WMV to a GIF.

Gif 1 DS106

The second gif assignment I chose was . In 1983 I heard a song that would change my life, “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot. This is a clip from the video for Metal Health with Carlos Cavazo playing the guitar and singer Kevin DuBrow (RIP) head banging behind him. This one song made me want to learn how to play guitar. Because of this song, I have released eight independent albums and I also play in a worship band at my church.

Gif 2 DS106

I hope both gifs play in your browser!

Week 2 – Thoughts/Ideas – Vignelli

I have to say I found this an incredibly boring read. I am not saying the publication does not have its merits, someone who is writing a book or professionally online may find this very useful. I have no plans of ever doing either. I knew I was in trouble when two out of the three design words he referenced early on I did not know the definition of: Syntactic and Pragmatic.  To help anyone else who may not use these words on a daily basis –

Syntactic: of or according to syntax (syntax is the set of rules, principles, and processes that govern the structure of sentences in a given language).

Pragmatic: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

I am familiar with syntax but syntactic was a word I had never heard/read before. I’m not sure what else to say in Vignelli’s work, it is well written and many will find it helpful. At the very least I learned the definition of the words noted above…

DS106 Weekly Summary 1

Week one is over in DS106 and the week started off with frustration. A domain of my own constantly crashed on my PC and in error I signed up on the Mary Wash blogs. Luckily this site works and I’ve been able to blog all week. I feel like I did a good job completing the assignments and tried to be creative as well. I would think one issue surrounding my past work and my future work is I can’t get away from violence. One of my daily creates (the video) ended in something violent and another had Darth Vader holding a chopped off head. Although the violence is usually goofy I don’t know how to get away from it. My work for the week.

I shot a short intro video about myself, it was hard knowing what to say to a group of strangers. I had fun playing around with the green screen though.

I wrote a very lengthy about myself and experience with film on the blog.

I completed the visual assignments. I do not have any photo editing software so I had to get creative with paint! All five are under this post and I met the ten star requirement.

The photo safari was fun but I have no skill as a photographer and used an iPhone to take the pictures.

My thoughts on the photo tips and what I used.

I did four daily creates. The video that required walking was fun to shoot. I used Action Movie FX and a Bee Gees song to put this together. By far my favorite daily create, I love shooting and editing video. Photos? Not so much.

The other three daily creates:

Overall a fun first week in DS106 but my blog still is not feeding to the classes. As mentioned earlier and in other blogs, very frustrating week to start as well. I hope we have more video projects in the future. I enjoy storytelling through video and doing anything that includes music would be great too (I am also a musician)!



These are the assignments I did:


I fell in love with this Lamborghini Countach the first time I saw one in the Cannonball Run. The car just makes me want to drive as fast as possible. Although the car is forty years old, it’s innovative design makes it look like  a modern day race car. (I simply did a yahoo search for this Lambo and saved it as a jpg.)


One not dare challenge the House of Whackbag in having the lowest budget in shooting a film! Our budgets are similar to the store Five Below, because our budgets are usually $5 or less. (I went to to make the banner but had to use paint to center the emblem.)

Pop - Ice in Desert

Vanilla Ice is performing in the desert! The crowd is going wild as… wait a minute folks something is wrong. Vanilla Ice has fallen over and he’s… melting! It’s too hot in the desert for Vanilla Ice. Ice is out of place in this hot weather! (Went to Yahoo and saved a picture of a desert and a pic of Vanilla Ice. I used paint to make an outline around Ice, cut him out and pasted him in the desert picture.)

Wanted Poster

The Doug is a green haired, mustached non smoking but cigarette holding nerd with a lisp that is obsessed with women’s chests. People also tend to get killed when the Doug is around although not by his hands. He must be stopped. Sadly, the budget to arrest him is low so we are offering five bucks. (I used to create this poster.)


The worship band is… falling asleep? And they are singing about it too? This band will be fired and need to ask for a lot of forgiveness! (Simply used paint to make the word bubbles.)

Photo op Tip

Pay Attention to the Moment:

This is one that to this day I sometimes have trouble with when filming. I’m too focused on what is in front of me and there have been times where the script or a tripod have made it into a shot. Frustrating! That being said, I love the abstract photo of my Mustang. Seeing the reflection in the car came out better than expected and paying attention to the moment gave me a unique shot. Using a different angle then I normally would also gave me the reflection.


Photo Safari


Pictures are from the assignment, I ran around very fast so had some time to spare but didn’t want to shoot a re-do. I used my iPhone since I don’t have a camera anymore. I tried using some different perspectives then I normally would, especially with close-ups and some things out of focus. It was very cloudy out so I didn’t have much sun to play with lighting. Photos: Timestamp to start, Color- green (super close up of the Hulks eye), shadow of me and the phone -boring I know but there was no sun, the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars felt futuristic, angle – looking up into trees, close of a bright light, the shoe, inanimate object – dog statue in my yard, lines (my floor), two things – Hulk and a banana do not go together IMO, repeating pattern – my countertop, moving photo of my fridge, looking through a hole in a steam cooker at a gecko, joy – the American flag, abstract – above my Mustang, the reflection is the grass, me and the assignment paper, stats was complex to me! Final timestamp – not a photography buff but this was fun and different.

IMG_1012IMG_1030IMG_1023IMG_1029IMG_1015 IMG_1017IMG_1018 IMG_1016IMG_1019 IMG_1022IMG_1020 IMG_1024IMG_1026 IMG_1027IMG_1013 IMG_1028IMG_1031